Sunday, 14 June 2015

Fit to burst with Clarity & Color Burst!

Wowser, what a mad and wonderful past few days.

Some of you will know that on Friday & Saturday, Clarity held another 2 day Open Day in Crowborough where people could come along and watch Barbara and some of her design team members getting all creative with all things Clarity and other crafty stuff.

Thursday was the set up day, we started around 9.30am and finished by 7pm - a long but very worthwhile day

On Friday this was taken around 11am when everyone had started to arrive

It was a fantastic 2 days and I had great fun using Fusible Film and Fusible Fibres as well as a brand new product from the USA called Color Burst, created by Ken Oliver (more details to follow)

This was some of the team at the end of day 1 having Fish & Chips back at Barbara's

It was great to see so many lovely crafty friends, new and old

Here is a pic of all the demonstrators

Left to right: Sam Crowe, me, Maria Simms, Barbara, Dee Paramour and Sally-Ann Haynes - a great team to work with

Once the 2nd day was done and dusted and the truck had been loaded up and the hall had been cleaned, I went back to Barbara's for more food with some of the "Behind the Scenes Team" from Clarity

Barbara has just done a Step-By-Step Blog Post using the magic that is Color Burst and you can check it out HERE

Here are some more samples of what I got upto over the past few days

Color Burst is an amazing product and later in the week I will be explaining more about it and what it can do 

Happy Crafting :-)

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Feeling Groovi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I know that I said a few months back that I would try and be a better blogger, but time continues to run away!

Anyway, to make up for that I am back with a bang and here to show you the new "Groovi" product range from Barbara Gray and Clarity Stamp.

As some of you know, I have been part of the Clarity Design Team for a while now and just love working with all the Clarity products. I really do not know how Barbara and the in-house Clarity team do what they do, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year coming up with award winning designs. It all started with the award winning stamps, next they branched out into stencils and now they are have added parchment to to stable.

I have always admired those that created stunning pieces of parchment artwork, but I am lazy and very impatient, so I tried it once and then gave up. That is until the Groovi came along, I am totally hooked!!!!!! Don't get me wrong, the Groovi range of products has not turned me into a parchment expert - I have many years to go before I can say that. But what it has done, is given me the stunning Clarity designs and allowed me to get perfect, crisp, sharp images onto parchment every single time.

Working alongside Barbara as she has developed the Groovi has been amazing and a huge honour, yeah I know it sounds really cheesy, but credit where credit is due, she is one amazing lady who together with Dave and the Clarity Team, just keeps on giving and giving and giving.

I have already given Barbara a very long list of existing Clarity designs that I would love to see turned into a Groovi Plate and I am sure that other crafters will as well.

Anyway, if you didn't manage to get what you wanted from Create & Craft this morning, you have 2 options:

Option 1
Order direct from the Clarity Stamp website HERE
Option 2
If you are coming to the Open Days down here in Crowborough on Friday or Saturday, you should be able to get them (stock permitting!) This is a ticket only event and I think that there may still be some tickets available for the Friday HERE

Here is a pic of the starter kit

Here are the samples I have done so far - you will be totally addicted - as I said, I am no expert, these have just been created by tracing out the designs and then coloured from behind - I need to learn the embossing part as what I did do, was total rubbish!

If you want to see what the parchment experts have done, then check out the gallery on the Clarity website HERE

Happy Crafting

Paul x