Sunday, 1 June 2014

Horsing Around!

Well following on from yesterdays post and my pattern building, here are my samples from the latest Clarity TV Show which aired on Create & Craft. As you will see from my samples, can you tell that I loved the horses?

Card 1 

Okay, so this one was clean and simple and uses the Wooden Horse Head Stamp and Abstract Square 2 Stencil. I placed the stencil onto a piece of 7x7 Gelli Card and using a black micron pen, drew through all of the squares. Then I cut some of them out using a craft knife and ruler to create an aperture. I then drew the design onto some black card, cut some of them out and then stuck some on flat and some raised on foam pads

Card 2

So this one is stamped on a background from my Gelli stash! It was a second generation print using Adirondack ink pads and the Tangled Stencil. I then used my new Spectrum Noir pencils, which when you colour in with them, it gives a nice sheen on the finished piece. I also used the 2nd set of Line Art Writing to frame it

Card 3

So this one took a bit of planning to get it right. Again this was coloured in with the SPectrum Noir Pencils and I used the Letterbox Stamps.

Card 4

Now this one, I love! The background is just cheap copy paper and is scrap - basically, I was using the Wall Stencil to create some workshop cards for Oyster Stamps and when I went to tidy up and throw stuff away, this piece of paper jumped out at me, so I added it to my stash to use at a later date. This was a perfect background for the Wooden Horse, which again was coloured using Spectrum Noir Pencils and finished off with the 2nd set of Line Art Words

Card 5

This is using another piece from my Gelli Stash and was made using Acrylic Paint. I used the Remountable Filigraphy Foilage Stamps to create the big flower in the middle and then framed with the 2nd set of Line Art Words

Card 6

Yep, you guessed it, another background from my Gelli Stash using Adirondack ink pads and then feintly stamped using the Tree Branch Stamp (which can be bought with the Boy & Birds) I then used the Morning Has Broken Verse

Card 7

My final piece is a picture created on Canvas Board which I learnt whilst in France and watched several ladies create some wonderful pieces of art. It is using the A5 Ploughed Field Stencil, masked off the rest of the stencil and then, for the very first time I used Grunge Paste, lets just say that I need to practice a bit more!!!! Then finished it off with the Morning Has Broken Verse Stamp.

All products from todays TV show can be found HERE

Well I hope you have enjoyed todays rumblings!

Happy Crafting

Paul x


  1. Stunning samples as always Paul, and it is great to hear how you have achieved them. My favourite has to be the Dad one with the horses head . I love to do pattern building and this card takes it to the next level...thanks for the inspiration...x

  2. OH WOW Paul your samples are lovely and really clever too. Love the wall, and the Black & White and the Green one, well all of them !!! xxx

  3. Amazing Paul, stunning and beautiful. Fantastic designs, I love them all x I see your gelli hasn't been put away yet!