Saturday, 28 November 2015

Ho Ho Hochanda!

Well this seems to be a regular thing with it being a month again since my last post and what a month it has been!

It has been a month of quite a few new things.......................

The beginning of the month saw my return to the retail shows and what a way to start - 4 totally manic days at the NEC in Birmingham. It was great being part of Team Clarity, working alongside Barbara and Maria and the team of Jayne, Len and Heather keeping everything running smoothly - totally amazing! A big thanks to everyone that stopped by to say hello, have a chat, congratulate me on my new job and watch me getting Groovi! If the empty shelves had anything to go by at the end of each day, you sure do like getting Groovi too! The only pic I can find of me at the NEC was taken by the lovely Maggie Craner - thanks Maggie - not!!! Despite the slapped arse looking face, I really did enjoy myself

Actually, I think I will run a little caption competition, Whoever can me laugh the most, I will send them a little something :-)

Then on Sunday 22nd saw my very first appearance on Hochanda - Home of Craft Hobbies and Art (Sky 663, Freeview 39 & Freesat 817) I had a 3 fantastic shows, my first one with my very good friend Hayley West

I have known Hayley for many years as she used to run a shop in Redditch - she is a very talented and knowledgeable lady with so much craft expertise. Hayley then turned to demonstrating various products on TV and my very first show was Hayleys 3rd or 4th show as a presenter with no training and she was great. 

So you can imagine how upset and angry I was when I read the negative comments about Hayley. Seriously guys, anyone that has ever done live TV shows will know how stressful they can be - there are so many things you need to be aware of as a guest - as for the presenters, well I take my hat off to each and everyone one of them - they have 2 people talking to them through an earpiece, have a conversation with the guest, make sure that they look at the right camera and read the products off of the screen. I have only ever had an earpiece once and it is very difficult not to respond out loud when the producer/director tells you something.

I really wish that I could give the people who complain about presenters the opportunity to be one themselves and then see what they have to say - moan over. 

Yes, I agree that during the first hour we did spend too long going along the counter, which we changed in the 2nd hour so that I could spend more time on demo's - it was a learning curve for us both. 

Hochanda want to do things differently and after appearing on C&C on and off for nearly 1o years, I also need to change the way in which I do things on the TV - change takes time.......

Anyway, the 3 different hours flew by and I had a great time and made to feel so welcome by everyone at Hochanda.

Thank you to everyone that tuned in to watch, buy and sent me messages - it was very kind of you all x

Hochanda December TV Schedule
Barbara Gray - Sunday 6th
Maria Simms - Wednesday 9th
Paul Church - Sunday 13th 

(I can't remember the times - but keep an eye on my Facebook page and the Clarity Facebook page)

Here are some pics of cards I managed to demo and didn't manage

All things Clarity can be found by clicking the pic below where you can pick up some fantastic offers from the "Gray Weekend"

Don't forget to leave a comment below re the picture from the NEC

Happy Crafting

Paul x


  1. Great cards Paul. It is a shame when folk don't give the presenters a chance. I love Hayley - she used to present the Ooh La La CDs when I was on their DT and was fab. Go Hayley girl - you did fab.
    Hmmm make you laugh you say. Here goes then.
    "Now how did I do that head stretch at Barb's again?"

  2. I thought your shows were great and you and Hayley worked very well and naturally together a very easy ' watch ' . I loved your demos , they were stylish , straightforward to reproduce and each very different. You certainly managed to cover a lot of ground in your air time. At the end of the day you are ' selling products ' and these have to be shown and described ( not everyone has the Internet !). At the end of the day if any viewers are not interested in the ' counter stuff 'they could always make a cuppa and pop back in a few mins ! Many thanks Charlotte

  3. Great shows Paul.
    "I really am in the Groove".
    Nanny Whitehair

  4. I thought you and Hayley worked really well together and had a great rapport. She was very knowledgeable, and was keen to learn about the Clarity products and the way you used them. Great shows. Val xx

  5. Morning Paul, I thoroughly enjoyed your shows on Hochanda and you know I can be hard to please sometimes, but they really were good, I especially loved the groovi, you taught me so many things, I thought I knew which end to use but I learnt that I was using the wrong one so have corrected that now and it is much better. As someone said if you don't want to see the products during the show you can easily nip to the loo or make a cuppa, it is not for long and then they can watch the demo's which were great, so much so that I think I have every groovi plate now, thanks also to Gray Friday, I was lucky enough to get in early before the internet was too busy, now looking forward tot he postie coming.

    Poor Haley must have been devastated to read all those negative comments, why are some people so hurtful, I thought she did a brilliant job and would welcome her back any time. There are some wicked people out there.

    I bet you were thinking 'I have got that rotten train journey next week again.........but not for much longer'

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  6. Disco lights..check!
    Groovin' baby.... Check!
    But where's me cake?

    So sorry you had negative comments. I thought you both did a fantastic job, i grooved all through three shows as it soo easy to do and watch at the same time, and the colour bursts came out of the cupboard again after that demo. Loved it. Take care and thanks for sharing, love Jillyxx

  7. Was gutted that I missed the shows,but had to dash out to help out with grandchildren unexepectedly, and forgot to set the recorder but I do know from comments I have read that they were great shows.

    As for the caption: "Where did I put my Jaffa Cakes? did I Groovi them and give them away as samples?"

    Mags x

  8. Thought it went really well loved watching it ,not got the Groovi plate yet im a bit behind only just got the Jelli plate
    your thinking Got all that way to go home should i book a room in case it snows !!!!
    Pauline xx

  9. I, too, thought the shows were great. You expect a bit of a run through of products in the first show and there were plenty of excellent demos - even in the first show. I can't believe people can be so horrible without knowing everything that goes on behind the scenes. People need to THINK before they speak (is it Truthful; is it Helpful; is it Important; is it Necessary; is it Kind). Only if the answer is Yes to each of these questions, does something need saying. I think that the caption should be, "I must be in the right place, there's a place card here with my name on in case I forget it!"

  10. Lovely cards Paul and I really enjoyed your show with Hayley. I thought she did a really good job to be honest - she always comes over as a really lovely person too. So pleased you will be doing this on a regular basis as love to watch your work. Xxx

  11. Absolutely loved your shows, I thought you and Hayley made a great team, great demos too.

    As for the photo, I think you're practising your catalogue poses lol x

  12. Hope you read this Paul. Absolutely fantastic programmes today. You are patient, instructive and so inspirational. Do you remember the retreat of Barbara's and the "green nose"! What fun we had.
    I am sure you will have a much more enjoyable year in your new job. Looking forward to seeing you somewhere, sometime.
    Very best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  13. Hi Paul. Just discovered your blog and was sad to hear Haley had some negative reviews I thought she was great some of the presenters took a wee while to settle in but She was great from the start it is not their fault they have to review the products that is there job to sell andxI think she was great.
    Nancyd xx

  14. Hiya just found you ... New to this blogging business but it's great to feel we are all one big family.

    Caption for your picture ... "Barb said it would be easy .... but look at all those Groovi customers I am sure they want to eat me"

    Looking forward to seeing all the crew again on Hochanda great shows love them one and all

    Crafty hugs Pen x