Thursday, 8 May 2014


Bonjour from a lovely little village in Brittany, France!

The Clarity Design Team have escaped to a beautiful little place in Brittany near to Languidic for a crafty get together.

On Tuesday morning the convoy of 5 cars left Kent and headed to Dover to catch the ferry for the start of the journey, we had Barbara & Dave (aka Squadron Leader) at the front and me at the back (rear gunner) ensuring that all cars kept in line!

We arrived in Calais at 12.45pm (French Time) and the fun started! Despite all the cars being in the same part of the ferry, the convoy fell apart as soon as we disembarked!!!! Luckily my Sat Nav was set for our final destination, but some of the cars didn't have one nor an old fashioned map. Luckily, I had collected everyone's mobile number before we had left the UK and printed off a copy of all the numbers for each car!
So, now it was time to find the rest of the "Clarity Convoy". I had one car behind me, so finding the other 3 should be fairly straight forward, as long as we were all on the same road!!!! About an hour into the 7 hour drive, we managed to find 2 of the other cars in the convoy, however it didn't last long when we reached the first toll booth and we found ourselves all alone! We made contact with one of the other cars and found that the Sat Nav had told them to take one road, whilst mine told me to take another - technology is fab!!!

4 hours in and we managed to find 2 of the cars from the convoy, so I took over being "Squadron Leader" and continued to the journey to our final destination, finally arriving just after 9pm to find that the others had not long arrived either!

Wow! Wow! Wow! the long journey sure was worth it, as we came down the drive, we were greeted with this:

By the time we had unpacked the cars, had something to eat and sorted out the sleeping arrangements, it was gone midnight!

The following morning, the body clock still wanted me to wake up at 4am, but there was no way I was getting out of bed, so back to sleep I went and woke up again just after 7 to pouring rain! However, it didn’t last long and the sun started to shine, so after  a quick breakfast it was time to visit the local Supermarche for a few essentials.

Then it was time to test my camera that I have had for a few years, but never really had a chance to use, here are a few pics from the 1st day

Happy Crafting!

Paul x


  1. Love your blog - the wonders of Sat Nav eh! but despite the journey what a wonderful ending! Your camera has done you proud!

  2. Wow just live where you are staying ,I could have slipped in your boot ,I would have been no trouble .
    Have a great time and enjoy and relax .
    See you soon Paul
    Hugs M xx

  3. This looks like such a beautiful place and glaf you all finally got there safe & sound. So glad to see a photo of a real swimming pool as was worried by photos of people going for a swim when I've only seen photos of a green pond/lake on other blogs. Sure you'll grow to love the gelli. Jeanette