Monday, 6 April 2015


........... who need people
are the luckiest people in the world
we're children, needing other children
and yet letting our grown-up pride
hide all the need inside
acting more like children
than children

Okay, so some you will know that these are the words from my most favourite song, People sung by Barbra Streisand. The song has so many memories and meanings to me, but it also sums up people!

I am member of various forums, Facebook pages and this weekend I have come across rather unkind comments about other people. Now don't get me wrong I am all for people having an opinion, after all that is what makes us what and who we are. The internet and social media is now a big part of our life and some rely on it more than others for one reason or another which is great - I have made so many new friends/connections as a result. 

Sadly, when I come across these types of unkind/negative posts, it makes me think (yeah, scary I know, you really wouldn't want to be in my head at times!) that someone feels the need to be so negative as to shout about it in such a public place (the internet) The written word can be read in so many different ways, it all depends on how you are feeling at the time. I know that if I am feeling a bit low or grumpy, I will read something and feel grrrrrr and other times I can read the same thing when feeling happy and the sun is shining and I feel awwwwwwww. It is the same as watching a TV drama or a film, there is a few films that I can watch and feel really happy and it lifts my mood and other times I can watch the same film and end up blubbing like a new born baby!

Before I move on to things crafty and less deep, would you say the same thing to the actual person if you met them face to face? How would you feel if the same type of things were being said about you? This part of the blog has taken me nearly 3 hours to write, as I wanted to get it right, so rather than just blurt it all out, I wrote it out on paper first. When I look back at it now, this part of the blog has changed a lot, my anger has subsided and I am typing it whilst listening to the song. If you have never heard it, here is a link, crank the volume up, close your eyes and just listen to the words................

Okay, so now on to all things crafty!

Here are some samples from the Clarity Stamp TV show that was broadcast on Sunday 5th April 2015 on Create & Craft

This was my favourite card, I am really into the faux parchment look and I take my hat off to all those people that spend hours and hours and end up with a piece of totally amazing art, sadly, time is not on my side, so I choose the quick option - now when I say the quick option, this still took about 3 hours to complete. I used the spectrum noir pencils behind to add the colour - just love it!

Here are few more, can you tell which was my favourite stamp?

Well I hope you have enjoyed todays blog

Happy Bank Holiday Monday, Happy Crafting and Happy whatever makes you happy

Paul x


  1. I think I know what your are referring to and I sort of agree but iT is galling that the people who watch, and buy, are not considered. Certain programmes are unwatchable because of the inane chattering and interrupting. We all know it is a selling channel but we all know what we want and when to order. Yesterday was the first time I did not enjoy a Barbara show, sorry...... I recorded it and whizzed through the non-demo parts.

  2. Margaret I totally agree with you. I commented yesterday and would be quite happy to say it to her face but someone in authority should be telling her that when she is assisting Barbara there is no need for the incessant chatter, interruptions and hard sell.
    Dawn Bibby was the same. They seem to forget they are not the star of the show.

  3. Beautiful samples Paul the faux parchment one is stunning xx

  4. Beautiful samples Paul the faux parchment one is stunning xx

  5. Lovely samples. The parchment one was my favorite one from yesterday. Looking forward the what Barbs has in store for us next.

    With regards to the shopping channel I remember getting a little irate last year because I wanted to concentrate on the demo and couldn't because the sales kept getting in the way. It actually made me realise how far I had come with my crafts and that to progress further I needed to rely on another medium. I found Maria's workshops and a shop that Jo demos at and was lucky to be able to visit both. Alas not as often as I would like.

    Although I never miss a show I watch it differently now, recognising the limits of a shopping channel and celebrating that Clarity is doing all it can to make the learning craft techniques as accessible as it can. I aim to get to one of the open days next year and Barbs videos are somewhere on my wish list with everything else. Thanks for your words. We all need a reality check at times and one of the worst things we can do is to be mean to others.

  6. Beautiful Work Paul ,they are all stunning

  7. Well said Paul for your words of wisdom. Fabulous craft work as usual and I think I can guess which stamp is your favourite :-)

  8. Paul, nice job, I did the faux parchment but colored on the front, I think I need to use ao the paper... Super job, love your samples...