Monday, 21 April 2014

A day of samples.....................

Yesterday I was showing you what I had made using Martha Stewart Clay & the various Katy Sue Designs Cake Decorating moulds ready for my demo/workshop at Pantiles Papertole, Books, Crafts & Games in Tunbridge Wells. Today I turned them into some toppers using a few Spellbinders dies, it is amazing how they frame the small pieces of artwork and make them look so elegant:

The other day I was given a bag of Cloud Clay, once I managed to get it out of the packaging, I found it to be be very wet, sticky and stretchy, the complete opposite of the Martha Stewart Clay. I tried it in the moulds and was not impressed, as I tried removing it from the moulds it lost all it's shape, so I put it back into an airtight box and put it to one side. Anyway, this morning I contacted the lovely Kathryn Sturrock who appears on Create & Craft and works her magic with both the Martha Stewart Clay and the Cloud Clay via Facebook and asked if she had any suggestions on how to use the Cloud Clay in the moulds. Her suggestion was simple and effective - basically all I had to do was to take out the amount of Cloud Clay I wanted to use and leave it out of the box for about half an hour, therefore drying it out slightly - it worked perfectly! Here is a pic of some of the embellishments using the Cloud Clay:

So, once I finished playing with the clay, it was time to finish off the samples using the Fabulous Fellas range of products.

Here are some samples I have made, I am pleased to say that they were all cut out using my new toy, the Cut N Scan which meant that I could make more than normal!

I love the fact that you can personalise your cards like I have on this one

If you are local to Tunbridge Wells on Saturday 26th, why not pop in and say hello! The demo is from 9.30am until midday and is free and the workshop is 1pm until 3.30pm and costs £20 - for more information, you can contact the shop on 01892 618191

If you can't make it to Tunbridge Wells, then you can get all of the products as follows:

Katy Sue Designs Cake Decorating Moulds from the website HERE
Fabulous Fellas from the Flower Soft website HERE
Martha Stewart Clay & Cloud Clay from Oyster Stamps HERE

Happy Crafting!


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  1. Oh Paul they are lovely, I can't wait for my order to come from Katy Sue Designs so I can have a play, I have the Martha Stewart stuff and like this. I need to know how to do the colouring for them though, I think you can use distress inks can't you?