Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Easter Bank Holiday Weekend!

So, the nice long Bank Holiday Weekend is fast approaching and I am hoping that this lovely weather we have been having down south continues. I have 2 big plans for the weekend and the weather will be the deciding factor!

Friday morning, I am popping over to Rochester to to see my lovely friend Martine from Oyster Stamps to collect my new "toy", have a coffee and a bit of a crafty catchup! Friday afternoon will probably involve an afternoon nap and then a good playing session with the new "toy" - I am not going to reveal what it is until I have had a play and I can show you something I have made with it!

Saturday morning I will be popping over to see another lovely friend, well 2 lovely friends Barbara & Dave to have a coffee, collect some stencils and maybe do some planning for the Clarity Retreat Treat to France! The Clarity Design Team are all off to France for a weeks break at the start of May - a group of around 20 very talented crafters and me and Dave! I am sure it is going to be great fun! I am hoping that we have some good weather too as it will be nice to go out and explore - I have a very expensive and lovely camera that I purchased about 5 years ago and have never really used it so I am hoping to put it through its paces and bore you all with some fab pics!

If the weather stays dry, the the big plan is to empty out the craft studio - the craft studio sounds posh doesn't it, but basically it was a garage at the end of the garden that was converted into a craft studio as a place to work and store my crafty stash - well lets just say that the stash has taken over and I can barely get into it as it has also become a bit of a dumping room as well. So in order to tidy/reorganise it, I need to weather to be dry so that I can put everything in the garden, sort it out and then put some of it back! If the weather is true to form for a Bank Holiday and it is wet, then the other big plan is to do some stripping -take your minds out of the gutter, I mean of the wallpaper kind of stripping!

So that is the big plan for the weekend - check back next week to find out if it was plan A or plan B or plan C which is do nothing!

I can't post a Blog without any pics, so here is a pic of my 2 furry friends chilling out!

Happy crafting!


  1. Morning Paul, sounds like a great weekend with a good mixture of craft, friends, coffee and chat.....oh and yes some stripping!!!!!!
    I am really looking forward to France we will have a great time.....enjoy your weekend, I have a day workshop on Saturday in St. Helens using Clarity Stamps and Stencils so that will be great....Happy Easter....Jo. X

  2. If I were you, Paul, I would forget the others and go for plan C - especially if the weather is nice! Looking forward to our holiday in France. Enjoy the weekend, whichever plan you go for x