Thursday, 16 January 2014

A bit of a tangle!!!

Well I must admit that I am enjoying all this Blogging! I hope that you don't get too bored with all my crafty ramblings!

This Saturday (18th January 2014) is my first demo/workshop of 2014 and it is my lovely local craft shop Pantiles Papertole Crafts & Games Shop in Tunbridge Wells. Now this is no ordinary craft shop, it is run by a lovely husband, wife and son team who are all responsible for different areas of the shop - Val is in charge of Crafts & Games, Steve is in charge of the 1,000's of books and prints and Matt is in charge of a fabulous selection of speciality coffee, teas and old fashioned sweets! If you are ever in Tunbridge Wells and you have time to visit The Pantiles which is part of old town, then make sure you pay them a visit.

So, back to this Saturday, just before Christmas, I asked the crafty ladies who attend the demos/workshops what they would like to do in 2014.One of the suggestions was Zentangle. Zentangle is a fancy name for doodling and is also a "marmite" type of technique, you either love it or hate it! Zentangle has been around for years and years, but I was introduced to it a few years back by the very talented Barbara Gray of Claritystamp (who also happens to be based not far from Tunbridge Wells!) when I watched her on Create & Craft TV doing a demo with her fabulous stamps and this wonderful technique - a few months later and crafters up and down the UK had taken it under their wings and it was back in "fashion".

So what a good way to kick off 2014 than with some fabulous Claritystamp stamps and some Zentangle - now if you Google this you will get pages and pages and pages of ideas and inspiration, below are my interpretations of this technique as I know that when I come to do the workshop in the afternoon the "marmite" effect will kick in, so I wanted to show some alternatives and how different they all look!

So if you are not into random Zentangling/Doodling then why not try drawing lines in different directions.

If you are around on Saturday morning and are nearish to Tunbridge Wells, why not pop along, as I hear we may be getting a special visitor!

Happy Crafting

Paul x


  1. They are all fab but the coloured versions are my favourites xx

  2. Lovely work Paul. You are really good at fine detail x

  3. Very interesting, I dabbled a few months back, love the different versions you have shown, think I need to have another play :-)

  4. Oh Paul these are great
    I quite like to do it watching telly but struggle with the outline shape. I never thought of the shoes or the heart. Why does it happen that you see things, you like them, but it doesn't compute...then you see something else and off you go.

    Have a lovely day...too far for me to travel and besides I will be in the thick of it with Maria on Sunday.

  5. I thought I lived too far south, cos I cannot get to help Maria. Now I live too far north to get to Tunbridge Wells. I would never have thought of Zentangling the rose, but it looks wonderful. Have a great day, especially with your distinguished guest. xx Maggie

  6. Wow, I love zentangling, I like how you have it in colour too. I would have love to come along and watched etc but due to other plans with my daughter I cannot, but have checked the shops web site out so might make another of your dates later down the line - albeit with no Barb making a guest appearance. Shop sounds lovely and a good excuse to take a drive out to Kent from SE London - not that I need one these days - any trip out of London is good these days!!! Have fun xx

  7. Love these Paul - not seen ones using colour before but it gives an interesting twist to the more traditional. I hope your ladies enjoy what you have in store for them on Saturday. x

  8. Lovely work Paul and so many different stamps that are great for is the perfect topic for a relaxing workshop after Christmas...have a brilliant day....and I hope your special visitor appears....x

  9. great zentangling. my favourite are the monochrome ones and i also love that red heart x