Saturday, 11 January 2014

Something different!

I first got into craft many, many years ago when my Nan taught me how to knit and every now and again, I like to revisit it. Somewhere in the loft, I have all of my Nan's old patterns and all of her knitting needles, sadly she passed away nearly 20 years ago. 

This is my Nan, with me (on the right), my brother and sister at my Aunt's wedding in 1984

Anyway, I visited my local craft shop today, Pantiles Papertole in Tunbridge Wells to sort out my demo/workshop for next Saturday. They have just started stocking a small selection of wools and yarns, when I came across this

There was a part sample made up and it looked fab, so I thought I would give it a go. 4 - 5 hours later and it was all finished!

Thanks for stopping by!

Paul x


  1. Fabulous Paul.I also started crafting with knitting.I was 4. My mum taught me. I don't do too much now because it hurts my wrists but it was my first love of crafting xx

  2. I love it Paul, will have to look out for it up here in Scotland.

    Mary xx

  3. Looks great, Paul. It was my aunt who really taught me to knit. She was very strict and would not let me take my fingers off the needles. It did mean that later on, I could knit quite fast and my tension was very even, so I bless her memory for that. xx Maggie

  4. This looks really lovely Paul, will you be branching out with this as well............ love it x