Saturday, 4 January 2014

First post of 2014!

Well, what can I say! It sure has been a while, I have no idea where 2013 went! The plan for 2014 is to Blog more than once or twice a year! So I thought I would start off with showing some samples I made during 2013

So lets start with some Clarity and my favourite Kingfisher


Loved working with some stamps from my very dear friend, Jayne Nestorenko

 and finally from Katy Sue Designs:

As you can see from some of the samples above, I love to try and do something different with the designs and I love pattern building!

So, 2014 is looking like it is going to be another year of Crafty Madness with lots of new designs from all of the above.

Tomorrow I will be back (yeah, yeah I hear you cry!) with some samples I made for the Clarity TV show on Create & Craft 9am - 11am and 2pm - 3pm

Happy Crafting!

Paul x


  1. Hi Paul, there are some absolute corkers here. One of my favourite things, dresses and mannequins, oh is that two? and I could go on. When we did the Kingfisher in your workshop that was a WOW factor for me. I loved the design, technique and result.. Sam x

  2. Really fabulous cards here Paul!!! You could have had loads of different blog posts here!!!! The kingfisher is one of my favourite clarity stamps too!

  3. Hi paul, love the cards here all so different:-) my favourite has to be the top two kingfishers. I was lucky enough to reporduce these at the clarity workshop.

  4. What lovely cards Paul, yes you really must blog more because they are lovely x