Saturday, 18 January 2014

All Tangled Out!

What a fabulous start to the crafty year with a great demo/workshop at my local craft shop Pantiles Papertole, Craft & Games in Tunbridge Wells. 

I loved playing with some of the Clarity Stamps and doing a bit if tangling - see my post from Thursday to see some of the samples I made. Late morning the lovely Barbara Gray popped in for a coffee and had a bit of a natter with the crafty ladies, she even showed them how to do a bit of tangling as well! As well as showing everyone how to tangle, I also showed them the lovely scarf I made and how easy it was to knit. Somehow, the scarf managed to make its way onto my head and became a hat! All of sudden the craft shop was full of flashes from people taking pictures which will no doubt appear on Facebook and Blogs very soon!

Anyway after a short break it was down to the basement for the workshop
Left to right - Heather, Ann & Mary with there finished pieces of tangles!

 Left to right - Judy, Janet & Clare with there finished pieces of tangles!

 Anne & Elaine with there finished pieces of Tangles

Now don't forget, if you see the pic of me with a scarf on my head - it wasn't me!!

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for a mega blog with step by step instructions on how I made this card

Paul x

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