Monday, 20 January 2014

What is it with Barbara Gray!

Well what can I say, the last few times I have met up with my very good friend Barbara Gray of Claritystamp, things do not go according to plan!

Firstly there was the "sausage roll" incident. A few weeks ago, I popped round to drop off a few samples for the Clarity upcoming TV show. When I arrived, Barbara was in the middle of showing her daughter Grace (who was visiting from the USA) how to make a Spag Bol (The Gray Way!), anyway Barbara knew what a fussy eater I am, so prior to my arrival, she popped some sausage rolls in the Aga. As the evening progressed and they sat down to enjoy what they had just made, a smell of burning started to fill the kitchen and the realisation dawned, that something was happening in the Aga! Brave Dave (Barbara's other half) jumped to attention, grabbed a t-towel, flung open the Aga door and appeared with what looked like charcoal briquettes ready for the BBQ! The kitchen door was flung open and the cremated sausage rolls deposited in the garden.

For the full story, check out Barbara's Blog HERE

What she didn't tell you on her blog was that as I was leaving, I tripped over the cremated debris and nearly caused myself an injury!!!!

So, then on Saturday just gone, I was doing my first demo of the year at my local craft shop Pantiles Papertole Crafts, Books and Games in Tunbridge Wells

where I was doing a bit of Zentangling using Clarity Stamps and Stencils and we had a visit from the lovely lady herself, Barbara Gray. Somehow during the course of the demonstration, the scarf that I managed to make earlier in the week managed to be turned into a hat and on my head!

Here are some other pictures from the mornings entertainment!

To see what happened afterwards, check out Barbara's Blog HERE

Now, here's my dilema - I am due to pop round and see Barbara one evening this week - should I be worried?!?!?!?!?

Paul x


  1. Yes Paul I think you should be worried, what will happen next.........looking forward to the next instalment xx

  2. Definitely Paul..but whatever happens it will be a lovely evening with some great conversation, so sit back, enjoy it and just take whatever happens in your stride....cos you never know it could result in yet another great blog post. Xxxxx

  3. Yes, Paul....I think you should be worried...but on a brighter note it is more material for another blog post...looking forward to it.....x

  4. Great memories great photos!!! The sausage roll blog made me laugh the first time round you reminding me made me laugh again - having done a similar thing myself with sausage rolls its easy to visualise the scene!!! You look like you had fun on Saturday - will have to make a point of taking a drive out to the shop one weekend. So your upcoming visit???? I think you will have a pleasant surprise of something nice waiting for you!!!

  5. I would take a sarnie if I were you!!! So what do you give a fussy eater??cinderised Sausage Rolls??? Looks like you had a good day at your demo. I think I am following your Blog Paul but I get confused with this Circles thing? Sam

  6. Be afraid Paul.....very afraid. Chish n fips it is!!!

  7. Ah Paul, be afraid, but enjoy the next adventure in Barbra Land.

  8. Read all about it Barbara's blog - I hope you survive the next visit! Look out for unidentified objects by the back door!

  9. I would be very worried by that, Paul. Barb can't even say the words right so what will she do by the time you get there. It probably depends on the number of glasses of good wine. Mind you, you wouldn't do any better here. i seem to be doing quite well at cremating jacket potatoes. I don't always hear the timer go off and my little dog who used to tell me each time, has gone on strike. After two and a half hours, the potatoes would rival Barbara's sausage rolls. Good luck. xx Maggie