Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Busy, busy, busy!

Well I have no idea where the last week went, well I do actually, work, craft, prep, work, craft, prep!

So during the week, I had TV samples to make for the monthly Clarity TV show on Create & Craft, samples from the Fabulous Fellas CD Rom and Stamps for Katy Sue Designs for Noreen's TV shows, samples and workshop cards for the launch of Clarity at Daisy's Jewels Crafts in Coventry, and prep for my own TV show on Create & Craft on the Sunday - so a quiet week really!

First priority was Clarity - it is always exciting when I get home from work to find a Clarity Box waiting for me with the next batch of stamps and stencils.

As some of you know, whenever I get my box of products, I take a black ink pad, a stash of A4 copy paper and just stamp them out randomly to see what happens, here are some pics of bits of playing and then how they turn out.

I like to try and do something different with them and I love, love, love, love pattern building!

Well that is all for tonight - come back tomorrow to see some samples I made from the Fabulous Fellas CD Rom and Stamps from Katy Sue Designs

Happy Crafting

Paul x

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