Sunday, 9 March 2014

Gyro-Cut Hints & Tips

So here are my Hints & Tips to get the best from your Gyro-Cut
  • In order for you to get a good clean cut I would highly recommend that you get some repositionable spray as it makes a massive difference when trying to cut your card and paper
  • Using a glass cutting mat is preferable to a self healing mat, but they will both do the job
  • Spray your mat with the adhesive, leave it dry for 5 minutes or so and then take some A4 copy paper, stick it to your mat and then remove it - repeat this about 5-10 times depending on how much you have sprayed your mat
  • Don't expect to go straight to your decoupage and start cutting out perfectly - you need to get used to the knife
  • Take some more A4 copy paper and stick it onto your mat and just play!!!!! 
  • Remember to let the knife do all the work
  • Don't rush it, it isn't a race!!!
  • Take a ruler and just cut some straight line!
  • When you are comfortable with the knife and the way in which it works, take a sheet of decoupage (maybe a design you don't like!) and give it a go
I hope that the above is of use, but if you have any questions - give me a shout and I will see if I can help!

Happy crafting

Paul x

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  1. Hi Paul,
    Many thanks for clarifying these points and tips on how to get the best out of our GYRO-CUT craft & hobby tool. One additional tip is that the GYRO-CUT blade is designed to cut on its point only. This is achieved by keeping the blade vertical when cutting.

    We now offer an environmentally friendly alternative to repositionable spray adhesive called STICKY MAT ADHESIVE. This is a water-based PVA glue which can be applied to your cutting surface using the supplied sponge. The adhesive remains tacky and will hold your thin sheet materials firmly in place whilst you work with the GYRO-CUT tool. An added bonus is that we are able to send this product in the post, unlike spray adhesive which is a restricted item. I hope this helps.


    Crafty Products