Saturday, 8 March 2014

TV Time!

So after a fabulous day at Daisy's Jewels Crafts in Coventry on Saturday I drove over to Peterborough and checked into my hotel ready for my TV show on Sunday.

For my day job, my alarm is normally set for 4am, so I thought that since I did not need to be at the TV studio until 10am and Shep was not here to wake me up, I decided to set my alarm for 8am - what is they say about best laid plans - 4am and I was wide awake! Should I get up, or should I go back to sleep? Well I went back to sleep and woke again at 6am with a raging headache - so I took some tablets, got up and popped to Costa next door at the services and within half an hour, the headache was all gone!

So what is like doing the shows on Create & Craft? It is a question that I often get asked and to be totally honest, it is just like having a one to one crafting session with the presenter. I remember when I did my first couple of TV shows, I was always told never to look at the cameras during the show and the reason for this is that if you look at the wrong camera, you tend to look like a rabbit caught in the headlights! So I do my best to try and not look at them, actually I often forget that they are there!

The normal set up in the studio is 3 cameras, the floor manager and the presenter. Now the presenter, I take my hat off to big time - it really does take a rather special person to be able to do that job. They wear an ear piece and through that ear piece, they have 3 different people talking to them, plus they have to talk to the guest and know which camera to look at and also look at the monitors with all the product details on. I have only ever worn an ear piece twice and I just had one person talking in my head (well apart from all the other little gremlins in there!) and it is very strange. I think that they way a lot of the presenters deal with all the voices, is to talk constantly. I know that it may come across on the screen as they are talking like made and keep repeating themselves, but seriously, try having a conversation on the land line, a conversation on the mobile, listening to the TV, listening to the radio all at the same time and then try and have a conversation with the person opposite you, oh and read the newspaper at the same time! Now I know that does sound a bit extreme, but that is the best way I can think of describing it. 

Anyway, back to the TV show!

In about April of 2013, Pinflair started stocking a new craft knife called the Gyro-Cut

This is the information from the Gyro-Cut website:

The amazing GYRO-CUT® craft and hobby tool is designed to easily cut thin sheet materials such as paper, vinyl, tissue paper and foil. It is also perfect for cutting materials used in the hobby world, such as Solarfilm®, Solartrim® and Solartex®. This hand-held tool has a 360 degree rotating blade which enables you to cut very complex shapes easily and quickly. Unlike other craft knives, the GYRO-CUT® blade will not readily cut human skin in normal use.Applications include paper cutting, decoupage, stencil making, paper crafting, artwork, graphic design, architecture, scrapbooking, signwriting using vinyl and many other uses. GYRO-CUT® also has many applications in the world of model making. It will enable you to cut complex shapes out of vinyl covering materials to create your own decals and roundels.
I really like using knives (for crafting!!!) but I prefer a small blade, so when I saw this I thought it would be perfect. Anyway, I got it home and had a play - I didn't like it! I have always be used to the blade being rigid and this one was all over the place, twisting and turning, I was gutted! I thought that this was going be a perfect replacement to my existing craft knife. So I decided that I was not going to give up - after all I had only tried it for 5 minutes and I was determined not to give up - so I spoke to Pinflair and asked a few questions. As a result of asking, I was now happy with my Gyro-Cut knife, it took my crafting to a "whole new level" - yeah right! Seriously though, once I give you a few hints and tips, you will be well away! But I will come to those later

So I was pleasantly surprised when Pinflair asked if I would take it on the TV. It made its debut on The Tool Shed in September 2013 - now I knew how much stock was going on the show. However, when I spoke to the producer, she told me that she loved the knife and knew it was going be really popular so she had ordered in 5 times the original stock! I did ask her if she was joking - afterall it is a knife! Anyway, she obviously new what she was talking about as at the end of the 2 hour launch show 85% of the revised stock had sold and a few hours later, the rest of the stock had gone! To say I was blown away by the response/demand was an understatement!

So this time we had a similar stock plus we had the replacement blades on the show for the first time as well. I had a great time with Martyn and the knife sold really well, again! I think at the end of the 2 hour show 80% of the stock  of the knives had sold and all of the replacement blades had sold out!

Anyway, I am struggling to stay awake, so check back tomorrow for my Hints & Tips for using the Gyro-Cut

Happy Crafting

Paul x

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  1. Interesting Paul thanks for the insight into the Studios. I am looking forward to the hints and tips for using the Gyro-Cut. June xx