Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Lots of Crafty Madness!!!!!!!!!! - Part 3!

So after a busy weekend in Rushden and then Birmingham, it was back to the day job on Monday!

The following weekend I was back at my local craft shop in Tunbridge Wells, Pantiles Crafts, Books & Games launching some of the fabulous Clarity Stencils.

For those that have been following my blog, you will have read that the last time I was at my local craft shop, the lovely Barbara Gray popped in (here is the LINK if you missed it) and during her visit, the lovely crafty ladies made some suggestions on stencil designs. Well Barbara being Barbara, took it all on board and within a matter of days there were lots of designs appearing on the Clarity website, so it was great that I could go back the following month with a bundle of new stencils and show the ladies during the course of my demo how to use them and what to do with them:

I think at the moment, the Filigraphy Butterfly is one of my favourites!

So after a morning of playing, it was down to the basement for a workshop!

As you can see from the pictures, all the ladies had lots of messy fun, although I have no idea how Lizzie managed to get so inky!

So after a fun filled day, it was time for home (all of 10 minutes up the road!) after unpacking the car, walking the dog, having something to eat, it was time to chill. Oh, but I need to clean all the stencils and let them dry

I couldn't sit and just watch TV, so I decided to do some knitting. If you look back at the post on my blog about my last visit to my local craft shop (link as at the start of this post) you will have seen me wearing a rather fetching scarf I had knitted, but as a hat! Anyway, it was my cousins birthday and I had just picked up some new patterns of Desire fabric from my local craft shop so I set about knitting her a fancy scarf

It starts off as this

and after a few hours of knitting, ends up like this

Thanks again for stopping by, check back again tomorrow for part 4!

Happy Crafting

Paul x

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