Sunday, 9 March 2014

Stencil Frenzy!!!!!! - Step By Step

Okay, for those that have seen my previous post, you will know how excited I am about one of the new Clarity Stencils called Tangle (you will need to read about it on my previous post if you missed it!)

This is the Tangle Stencil

My head is currently buzzing with what I can do with such a universal design inking, embossing, stamping, grunge pasting, glitter paste, the list is endless!

So the first Step By Step is this card

Here is a list of ingredients that I used (obvioulsy you can choose your own colours)
Post-it Notes

Take your Square Honeycomb Stencil and attach it to a piece of the 6x6 Gelli Arts card stock using the low tack tape
Then take you Post-it Notes in fill in the centre
Now remove the the Square Honeycomb Stencil leaving the Post-it Notes in place and attach your new Tangle Stencil. Take an inkpad colour of your choice (I chose Tim Holtz Salty Ocean) and apply the ink using the Clarity Brushes
When you are done, carefully lift the stencil to ensure that you have added enough colour
If you are happy with the result, remove the Post-it Notes, but leave the stencil attached
Next stamp the Large Hummingbird and Trumpet Flower in place and then cover with the Masks (as I was in a rush, I made my own)
Now place the stencil back over the top
Make sure that you do not have too much ink on your Clarity Brush and gentle brush over the white area and then remove the stencil
Now take your Black Micro Pen and create a wiggly/zig-zag border around the paler area

Now take your Promarkers or colouring in pens/pencils of your choice and add some colour. I chose: Green Shoot & Oasis for the Hummingbird and Budding Rose and Fresh Bloom for the Trumpet Flower

When you are finished, take the Clear Stardust pen and colour the Hummingbird to give him a gentle sparkle


Here are the ingredients for the 2nd card:

Post-it Notes

First choose the words you want to use from the various Word Chain sets and stamp onto the Post-It Note and trim down to create your masks

Next, attach your Tangle Stencil to your 6x6 Gelli Arts card stock using your low tack tape. Place your Word Chain Masks onto your card
 Cover with the stencil and check that they are positioned within the frame of the mask
Next choose a colour of your choice (I have chosen Tim Holtz Salty Ocean) and apply the colour in a diagonal pattern using your Clarity Stencil Brushes to create a stripe effect - I have done diagonal, but you could go from left to right or top to bottom
Left up the mask and see what it looks like
Now place the mask back down and choose a 2nd colour (I chose Tim Holtz Pickled Raspberry) and fill in the white areas using the Clarity Stencil Brushes and allow the colour from the first colour to blend slightly
When you are done, lift up the stencil to check that you have everything covered
If you need to add more colour, place the stencil back down and continue

When you are happy with the colour, remove the stencil and the masks
Rather than use a black ink pad I wanted to use the same colours from the ink pads I had used, but rather than just use one of the colours, I wanted it to be mixed, so I took my A4 Clarity Blending Mat and squidged some colour from each of the ink pads
Next, I mounted the words onto the handles and randomly stamped into the 2 different colours on the blending mat and mixing them up, I tested how it would look onto scrap paper first and when I was happy I stamped into the white areas

Well I hope that you have enjoyed the 2 projects above and more importantly the new Tangle Stencil, I know that this will be used in a lot of my upcoming samples.

All products are available from the Clarity website HERE or by following the links on the "Ingredients" list - some colours of inkpads/pens may not be available, but other options are available

Happy Crafting

Paul x


  1. Well Paul
    Great ,great ,great nothing more to say ,but you are the Master of craft
    Hugs xxxx

  2. Wow - that stencil is lovely..........will have to get and order it! Thanks Paul.

  3. Fabulous cards Paul, wish I had the pennies to buy the tangle stencil it looks like a very versatile stencil to have and I can see the fun your going to have with it. Oooo my minds running riot here!

  4. Great stencil and brilliant cards Paul. Thank you for the inspiration x

  5. Wonderful stencil and love how you use it Paul, inspired. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wonderful stencil and love how you use it Paul, inspired. Thanks for sharing.

  7. You is so clever Paul! Something else I got to have ....thanks!
    Brilliant work and cards
    Love Denisexxx

  8. Wow Paul. Super work. Haven't played with the new stencil yet. Sure is a good'n though! Thanks xxxxxx

  9. super projects. another thing to add to my ever growing list. roll on nec..... xx

  10. Great card lovely use of stencil

  11. Well Paul I said you are putting a lot of pressure on yourself, but I think you have definitely pulled it off. Great Stencil Lovely cards but most of all I am really impressed with the Faux Parchment Paper look, Brilliant. xx

  12. Great artwork, this stencil is definitely going on my shopping list for Harrogate , love what you have done :-)