Thursday, 6 March 2014

Fabulous Fellas!

Now we all now how difficult it is to make cards for men! Even I struggle!!!!! So when I saw what the team at Katie Sue Designs came up with next, I was totally blown away. 

Over the past few years Katie Sue Designs have teamed up with a wonderful artist called Sandra Wright of The House of Zandra and put together some "Fabulous" products. It started off with Fabulous Shoes and consisted of a jam packed papercraft CD and several sets of clear stamps. Then due to such high demand, it was followed up with Fabulous Fashion, again consisting of another papercraft CD, but his time a double CD and more stamps. Customers then started asking for Christmas designs so the team at Katy Sue Designs took it all on board and produced a small range of stamps, Fabulous Festive Fashion, Fabulous Festive Footwear and Fabulous Festive Greetings, but that was not enough for all the "Fabulous" crafters, they wanted a CD with all the Fabulous Festive designs, so what do the team at Katy Sue Designs do? Yep, you guessed it, they produced another papercraft CD, but not just any CD but the Fabulous Giftware triple, yes triple CD - wowser! 

Now I need to explain a bit more about the "Fabulous" range of papercraft CD's as a lot of thought has gone into designing and producing them. It is not just a CD full of random art work, it is sooooooo much more! Fabulous Fashion has 20 different designs of shoes, numbered 1through to 20 (makes sense!) each design has toppers, decoupage, backing papers, digi images etc. So when Fabulous Fashion came out, the same sequence of design sets were created - 1 through to 20. So this means that if you like the design set No.5 on the Fabulous Shoes CD, the you swap over to the Fabulous Fashion CD or the Fabulous Giftware CD and go to design set No.5 on each of them, the designs are all the same. This means that you can make a complete set of cards, gifts, boxes, notelets all in the same design from the 3 different CD's!

So, getting back to the latest release - Fabulous Fellas. The CD is full of the fantastic artwork from Sandra and includes shapes cards, boxes, quick cards, toppers, digi images, toppers and decoupage and backing papers - the backing papers will blow you away. In addition to the CD are 2 sets of stamps:

Here is a snapshot:

When it came to make samples, it was so hard to choose what to go with first! This is what I came up with:

This is a scheduled blog post and as I sit here typing it out, the lovely Noreen McKie launched these on Create & Craft this morning, and guess what - they flew out the door!

If you missed out on getting them from Create & Craft, check out the Katy Sue Designs website HERE to purchase them.

So what does tomorrows blog have in store? Well I will tell you all about a fantastic craft shop in Coventry called Daisy's Jewels & Crafts and the launch of Clarity Stamps & Stencils

Happy Crafting

Paul x

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